June 17, 2024

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Geared for the Automotive Life

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Welcome to Linkage

A bimonthly publication — and a website, linkagemag.com — that is not about the market, not about driving, not about restoring, not about collectors, not about events, not about restorers, not about discovering for the first time a passion for motor vehicles.

It’s about all of the above — and more. Our tagline, “Geared for the Automotive Life” means just that. It’s most assuredly not a “lifestyle.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines life as “The existence of an individual human being.” And that’s how all of us at Linkage feel about the automotive world — it’s at the core of our existence, not simply a part of who we are or what we find important.

Of course, it is not the limit of who we are — the people who share our passion are soulmates — the ones you want to meet, with whom you want to spend quality time, to get to know better and to with whom to share experiences. And, of course, opinions. All that and more can be and will be found in these pages and on our website.

The information age has made it certain that data surrounds — and indeed threatens to drown us all. Any fact or pseudo fact is available at the click of a key, and the sheer volume of it can be — and is — overwhelming and frankly, quite useless. What we all most appreciate is an actual informed, reasoned opinion — best of all one based on actual first-hand experience. Whether we agree or not, almost doesn’t matter.

The joyful comfort of the echo chamber is not for the Linkage reader. I want to hear opinions — smart, considered, rational and experienced opinions. Ones I can learn from — and grow. I love certain cars, certain styles of art, certain watches, certain types of architecture and the music of certain composers. And, just about as much, I love finding a new thrill in something I’ve never before noticed or knew anything at all about.

And those are the passions that helped drive the action at those two recent auctions. Whether or not we can go out to eat, gather in large crowds or take a cruise, we humans want to stay connected — with each other and with the things that bring us joy — friends, family and remarkable objects. And when you add to that what some of those objects can bring to us — connection, a sense of being a part of a shared history, a shared present and a shared future — it is remarkable.

So, come and join us on this journey together — across the world, across age groups, genders, ethnicities and borders — to find what joins us all. No matter how visible or invisible those bonds may be. And look to this column to see how I can stretch those connections wafer-thin and carbon-fiber strong.