May 17, 2024

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Amalgam Collection Unveils Hammered Aluminum 250 GTO Replica Body

Amalgam Collection has unveiled an extraordinarily beautiful handmade creation honoring the design of the Ferrari 250 GTO: A hand hammered aluminum replica of the 250 GTO body, at a quarter the size of the original. Each piece has been forged from aluminum sheet using traditional panel-beating methodology, forming the panels with a hammer over a buck, exactly as the original full-size bodies were created by Carozzerie Scaglietti in the early 1960s. 

Measuring 1.08 metres (42.5 inches) long and weighing approximately five kilograms, these body replicas represent the start of a new collection of high-end pieces from the Bristol UK-based company, already world renowned for their reference level, large-scale hyper-detailed car models. 

“Since modelling Ralph Lauren’s Ferrari 250 GTO back in 2009, as each year goes by, we’ve fallen ever more in love with the perfect form and beauty of the body of this most important Ferrari icon,” says founder Sandy Copeman. “The form of the 250 GTO represents more than any other the quintessence of the Ferrari brand in the collective imagination. The longer you look and the deeper you go into every detail, the more perfect is the outcome of the creative work by Bizzarini, Forghieri and probably most importantly regarding the body, the finalisation of the design by Scaglietti.”

The investment in skilled work-hours is significant, and so each piece will be individually made to order. “We at Amalgam, and the design team at Ferrari themselves are of the opinion that, when displayed in the hammered finish, these 1:4 body replicas are most expressive of the raw beauty of the original form and the very skilled process of creating them,” said Copeman.

The buck over which the body is formed has been machined using extremely accurate data, gathered from digital scans of several significant 250 GTOs Amalgam has modelled over the years. The body is shown installed on a walnut wood trestle, other mounts can be designed and supplied to order. Wall-mounting the piece would also make a stunning display.

This 250 GTO body replica is the first in a series of bodies that Amalgam will produce. Next in line is the 250 Testa Rossa, also a Scaglietti design. “The 265 GTB and 275 GTB/4 are also in our sights to follow in 2023 and 2024,” said Copeman.

The Hammered Aluminium Ferrari 250 GTO Body Replica is hand-made to order and priced at $73,295. It can be found at