May 17, 2024

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Amalgam Offers 1:18-Scale “Minty Forty” 

The model car makers at Amalgam Collection have partnered with exclusive automobile dealer Schaltkulisse to produce scale models of the “Minty Forty.” 

Ferrari F40 chassis #88538, repainted in Verde Pallido by Schaltkulisse following its restoration to peak condition, has been precisely replicated by they team as a one-off build at 1:8 scale through Amalgam’s Tailor-Made service. 

Schaltkulisse also commissioned Amalgam to create an exclusive edition of the “Minty Forty” at 1:18 scale, limited to just 300 models worldwide.

The 1:8-scale model

Amalgam Collection’s special Tailor-Made service has created a deeply detailed model replicating every aspect of the “Minty Forty’s” specification. Amalgam’s artisans accessed key specification data, from the Verde Pallido exterior paint color and the Schaltkulisse branded license plate down to the blue Sabelt racing harness.

The front and rear covers, like the real car, lift to reveal the car’s 2,936cc twin-turbocharged Tipo V8 engine and internal mechanicals, while the doors also open, revealing the car’s spartan interior. The completed replica required over 400 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and build, and measures over 54 centimeters (21 inches) long.

The 1:8 scale is a single build, but collectors have a rare opportunity to own a smaller replica of the “Minty Forty” at 1:18 scale.

The 1:18-scale model

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide, these 24 centimeter (9.5 inch) replicas necessitated an intense 800 hours of development. Models are available to purchase directly from Amalgam Collection or via Schaltkulisse. 

“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with Schaltkulisse, a company with which we have many affinities, to offer this unique edition at 1:18 scale,” said Sandy Copeman, Director of Brand at Amalgam. “Due to its exquisite color, it is a truly unique car, celebrating both the F40 and Sir Stirling Moss’ famous 250 GTO, that was also finished in Verde Pallido.”

“Painting our Ferrari F40 in Verde Pallido was our way of celebrating driving and sharing our cars with enthusiasts, but we wanted to give the fans of the ‘Minty Forty’ the opportunity to own their own pale green Ferrari F40,” said Kevin Braun, Schaltkulisse’s Founder and CEO. “At Schaltkulisse we strive to achieve perfection in everything we do and so there was only one company we could entrust with producing scale models of our beloved Effe Quaranta. Thanks to our friends at Amalgam, our vision and wishes were their top priority and within a few weeks, the first prototype 1:18 scale model car was born. The craftsmen at Amalgam used all their expertise and knowledge to make sure the highly limited scale models are the perfect display piece. Only 300 ‘Minty Forty’ models will be made. Grab one while you can!“

Models of the ‘Minty Forty’ at 1:18 scale are available to purchase from Amalgam and Schaltkulisse.