June 17, 2024

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Amalgam Releases Ferrari SP3 Engine and Gearbox in 1:4 Scale

Amalgam Collection has unveiled the first completed scale replica of the phenomenal Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine and Gearbox. The F140HC engine and its accompanying seven-speed gearbox have been perfectly replicated at 1:4 scale, exhibiting every perfectly engineered detail of the 6496cc V12 power unit at the heart of the Daytona SP3. Like Amalgam’s 1:8 scale model of this new Icona Series car, the engine and gearbox replica is also limited to an edition of 599 pieces, and is a celebration of the most powerful internal combustion engine that Ferrari has ever built. 

Sandy Copeman, Director of Brand at Amalgam, said “the Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine and Gearbox is one of the most exciting new models we will launch in 2023. It may well be the last of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated power units and we are delighted to be working alongside the design and engineering teams at Ferrari to capture this piece of modern automotive history and deliver it at 1:4 scale.” 

Working from CAD data supplied directly by Ferrari, the artisans at Amalgam developed patterns for every visible part of the engine, meticulously scaling down the data to ensure that all the details are accurately reproduced in the model. Moulds were created for the individual parts, with metal, carbon fibre and rubber used to create each piece of this intricate and complex assembly.  Many parts are CNC machined. The Daytona SP3 Engine and Gearbox replica necessitated over 3,500 hours of development and the resulting prototype only received the approval of the Ferrari designers and engineers once they were fully satisfied with its accuracy of representation. Measuring over 43cm (17in) long and 21 cm (7in) high, each subsequent model will take 325 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and assemble.

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine and Gearbox replica joins Amalgam’s Icona Series Collection of full car models at 1:8 scale alongside the Monza SP1 and SP2, and the SP3 Daytona.  The 1:8 car models measure over 58 cms/23 inches long and like the engine they are crafted from thousands of precisely engineered parts. 

Copeman continues “The Ferrari Daytona SP3 is a futuristic interpretation of the classic sport prototipo, celebrating one of Ferrari’s most iconic moments when the 330 P3/4, 330 P4 and 412 P took the chequered flag in positions 1-2-3 side by side at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1967. It was a moment particularly cherished by Enzo Ferrari himself. We are honoured to be a part of the story.”

1:4 scale models of the Ferrari Daytona SP3 Engine and Gearbox are available at www.amalgamcollection.com.