May 28, 2024

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Broad Arrow Group Launches Collector Car Financing Division

It’s not always easy to secure financing for a collector car, as many traditional financial lending institutions have limits on age or value the cars in question. Broad Arrow Group aims to fill that gap, providing loans in the collector car space that are focused on vehicles valued at $150,000 and up.

Broad Arrow Capital is a dedicate financing business, operating as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Broad Arrow Group. It joins Collectors Garage in representing Broad Arrow Group’s global collector car business strategy.

The goal? To provide tailored financing solutions to eligible high net worth clients, investors and businesses in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

“I am excited to announce the launch of Broad Arrow Capital, our dedicated collector car financing business,” said Kenneth Ahn, Chief Executive Officer of Broad Arrow Group, the parent company of Broad Arrow Capital. “We are committed to providing our clients with bespoke financing options for their valuable collector cars, especially for high-end classics and collector cars where financing options from traditional lenders may be limited.  We have a highly experienced team with a proven track record, a strong balance sheet, and partnerships that uniquely positions us to serve our clients globally.”

“The launch of Broad Arrow Capital marks an important step in establishing Broad Arrow Group in the market,” said Karsten Le Blanc, Chief Financial Officer of Broad Arrow Group. “Broad Arrow Capital enables us to provide financing options for high net worth clients seeking to unlock equity in their cars or collection, obtain acquisition financing, or secure advances on consigned property to be sold at private sales or auction. We are excited to serve our clients in North America, UK, and Europe with our commitment to utmost professionalism and transparency.”

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