June 21, 2024

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Coast to Coast for a Cause in a Model T

The Model T put America on wheels — but driving a 103-year-old car on today’s roads is nothing less than an adventure.

Todd Touchberry is setting out to take that adventure — in November, no less — in an effort to spread awareness about hydrocephalus and his daughter’s journey. 

On November 17, he’ll be setting out from South Carolina on his way to California in a 103-year-old Model T. Touchberry aims to make the trek over 13 days, as the current record is 14 days.

There is no current cure for hydrocephalus. The only known treatment is brain surgery. The most common surgical treatment for hydrocephalus is shunting the excess cerebrospinal fluid from the brain, which has one of the highest failure rates of any medical device on the market. There are approximately 10,000 pediatric hospital admissions for shunt malfunctions each year. 

Their goal is to raise at least $10/mile and donate funds to assist with critical research to help those living with hydrocephalus — and eventually find a cure.

Learn more about Coast to Coast for Hydrocephalus here.