May 28, 2024

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Collector Car Industry Veterans Launch Broad Arrow Group

Change is a constant in the collector car world, and that sentiment is not just held for the trends, prices or even the cars themselves. The ways in which we buy things are always changing, and to that end, there’s a new entity forming that you should know about.

Broad Arrow Group has just announced its formation as a holding company, founded in 2021 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI. It was formed to develop and operate a handful of businesses and brands to serve several segments of the collector car market, from auctions and private sales through financial services — and, as they say, to transform the collector car industry.

Key to this development is not just the goals that this new entity is hoping to achieve — becoming the top marketplace for car collectors and enthusiasts, and offering integrity, trust and innovation — but also the group that is behind it.

The vast majority of the company is made up of former RM Sotheby’s executives and specialists, including Kenneth Ahn, Barney Ruprecht, Alexander Weaver, Donnie Gould, Maddie Baker, Alain Squindo, Ian Kelleher and Mike Mortorano. This team has years of high-level auction experience operating a global platform, so it’s not a stretch to expect big things here.

CEO Kenneth Ahn said, “Broad Arrow Group represents the collective vision of its founders to be the best advisor, marketplace, and financier for car collectors. With an estimated $25 billion worth of collector cars trading hands each year, the collector car industry is complex and highly fragmented with extraordinary amounts of both information and misinformation among participants. Broad Arrow Group aims to transform the industry as the preeminent marketplace for collectors and enthusiasts.”

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