July 23, 2024

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Corvettes at Carlisle to Honor Reeves Callaway

Since 1982, Corvettes at Carlisle has showcased some of the top Corvettes each August. It’s also welcomed some of the greatest minds in the industry to the Carlisle fairgrounds as well.

These guests included people such as Zora Duntov, Wil Cooksey, Ken Lingenfelter, Tadge Juechter, and Reeves Callaway. 

These names, and others like them, have left an undeniable mark on the hobby, and each have had — or will have — their moment in the spotlight at Carlisle. 

Unfortunately, one name unexpectedly jumped to the top of the honors list with the death of Reeves Callaway on July 11. At this year’s event, August 24-26 in Carlisle, Mr. Callaway will be remembered in multiple ways, including by way of the annual Chip’s Choice display.

While Callaway Cars have designed, developed and manufactured high-performance product packages for cars, pickup trucks and SUVs, they made a big splash with Corvettes.  

Along with enthusiast-built rides, they also added their touch to a trio of Corvettes with a history tied to the 24 Hours of Le Mans — the theme of this year’s Chip’s Choice.  

As part of the Callaway honors, Corvettes at Carlisle will display all three Callaway Corvettes that raced at the famed track. These cars will come together for the first time to be displayed as a tribute to the man and mind who designed them. These cars include a silver 1997 Callaway C7R, a red, white, and blue 2001 Callaway C12R and a silver 1994 Callaway LM #001.

The first-time showcase of the three cars is made even more special by their lineage and history. The ’96 Callaway C7R was a completely new, purpose-built car that carried on the visual tradition of design by Paul Deutschman and was offered in a limited production series of two. This one was Le Mans prepared but failed to qualify for the race.  

The ’01 C12R competed at LeMans in 2001, sat on the GT2 pole, and led its class for a period of time. Unfortunately, it logged a DNF due to an engine issue. Its visit to Carlisle marks the first time it’s been showcased in the United States.  

Finally, the ’94 LM #001 car earned pole position in GT2 with Boris Said as the driver. #011 led its class but also suffered a DNF. In ’95 the car, known as Frieda, entered again and earned 2nd in the GT2 class and 9th overall, making it the highest-finishing Corvette at Le Mans since 1960 when a Briggs Cunningham Corvette finished 8th overall.

These three cars are just a small part of the Reeves Callaway honors for 2023.  

With an entire display gallery populated with historic and prominent Le Mans racers, a Fun Field hosting every generation of Corvette ever produced, the NCCC, NCRS Gallery, 50 years of 1973 Corvettes, and more, this event can’t be missed.  Gates open at 7 am each day and kids 12 and under are admitted free. Learn more at CarlisleEvents.com.