May 28, 2024

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End of Summer Vehicle Storage Preparation

A note from our friends at California Car Cover:

With the summer winding to an end, it is never too early to start your winter storage preparation. Fall is just around the corner, so after you enjoy the last car shows of the year, including the Audrain Concours, here are some tips to preserve and protect your classic during the winter months.

Make sure your checklist includes a battery charger/maintainer, oil drip mats and of course, a custom fit California Car Cover.

A battery maintainer from Deltran Battery Tender or CTEK will make sure your vehicle keeps its power all winter long. Either one of these companies offers convenient and dependable solutions to maintain vehicle.

Your vehicle is likely going to be parked for a few months, so a roll out drip mat or galvanized drip tray will keep any remaining fluids off your floors. Though many long-term storage vehicle’s fluids are drained, those of you in milder climates will find these mats and trays useful. The carpet drip mats are even handy when transporting your automobile.

After you have detailing and cleaned your vehicle, a custom fit California Car Cover will protect your vehicle during the winter months. Any of our popular indoor use fabrics will keep the dust off your collector car, plus give it some cushion and protection against accidental dings and scratches. Some of our most popular options are the soft lined Plushweave cotton cover and the DustForce multi-layer car cover. Our vehicle covers are year, make and model specific for the ultimate fit and protection. If you do not see any application online for your collector car, feel free to give us a call (800) 423-5525 for additional assistance.

We do stock thousands of popular custom fit car covers at our distribution center in Simi Valley, CA. If you have a limited production or rare vehicle, please allow a few weeks for a custom car cover to be manufactured and delivered.

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