June 15, 2024

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Formula One Art: Ex-Schumacher Ferrari Headlines RM Sotheby’s Monterey

Does a Formula One car, driven by one of the greats, need to turn 17,000 rpm to become something special? Or is the very fact that it has — and won — enough to elevate it beyond a razor-sharp tool and into something more?

That’s a question we’ll see play out next month in Monterey, as RM Sotheby’s offers the most successful, undefeated Schumacher Ferrari F300 — chassis 187 — at it’s annual Monterey event at the Portola Plaza in Monterey, CA.

If ever a modern Formula One car could be considered a piece of art, this is it.

Ask any F1 fan — this is one of the most significant Ferrari F1 cars in the world, thanks to its preserved state and its fantastic history. With Schumacher at the wheel, this car ran four races in the 1998 season and won each of them. It’s the only F1 Ferrari to run at least three races, and the only one to win on each of its outings — the Canadian Grand Prix, the French Grand Prix, the British Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix. It’s one of only nine F300s built and is in as-raced condition, having been sold by the factory directly to the previous owner, along with a small collection of spares.

The car, lot 342, will go up for sale on Saturday, August 20.

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