May 28, 2024

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Go See, Feel and Hear the Cars

Winter is the slowest time of the year for car people.

Many of our favorite cars are in garages — hidden away from snow, rain and icy roads. Most of us are driving winter cars — and dreaming of warmer weather. How is it that the shortest days of the year seem like the longest?

Yet, showtime — in the form of auctions, concours, shows, vintage racing, cars & coffee and cruise-ins — is about to start happening.

Arizona Auction Week — where thousands of collector cars change hands at several high-end auctions — is less than three weeks away. If you live in the warmer parts of our world, say Southern California or Florida, car season never ends.

I love car spotting — you never know what you’ll see running around on the street — but an organized car event, even the most-casual cruise-in, will almost certainly attract cars that will make my heart rattle around in my chest.

So, this is why I can’t wait for Arizona Auction Week. I cannot wait to sit at the Linkage booth at the Bonhams Auction, where I’ll see amazing cars — and talk to great car people. I’ll go to all the auction sites, and I’m sure to see cars I’ve never seen before. I’ll also make new friends, take photos — and probably find something to write about in Linkage magazine.

Auctions are a lot of fun, and they’re a great place to learn about rare and wonderful cars. Each auction’s car lineup is like a temporary museum, and they’re all there to see and enjoy, even if you don’t place a bid.

That said, my favorite car events are where cars or trucks rumble to life. Cruise-ins and cars & coffee events are all about seeing — and hearing — a great car arrive on the scene.

Vintage racing — at least to me — is best of all. I’ve been lucky enough to see an entire grid of Ferrari 250 GTOs — plus one California Spyder — racing at Laguna Seca. 

In 2022, I hope to immerse myself in a weekend of vintage racing at Lime Rock. I will certainly go to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca during Monterey Car Week.

My favorite time at Laguna Seca is during the vintage Trans Am races, with  Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers shrieking around the track.

It’s fun to walk through the paddock while these old monsters light up and slowly rumble toward the start line. Then I hurry to a great vantage point to feel my world shake as these old — but somehow young — cars roar down the track.

At that moment, everything else fades away — including any thoughts of winter — and I can see, hear — and feel — cars all around me. Summer is the fastest time of the year for car people.

This year, go see the cars — even if it’s just a cruise-in at the local burger joint. You’ll be glad you did.