June 22, 2024

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Going Overlanding in Oregon’s Outback

Most people think Oregon is covered with green, rain-soaked forests, but drive east of the Cascade Range, and you’re in a big, empty high desert.

It’s a land of sagebrush, jagged volcanic rocks, extreme weather and beautiful rivers.

Nick Jaynes, who writes the Online Madness feature for Linkage magazine, is a dedicated overlander —those intrepid explorers who drive their 4×4 rigs on rugged roads during long expeditions into remote country.

Overlanding is a thing these days, and it’s getting more popular all the time. It’s a fun way to really use your 4×4 on dirt and gravel roads. Going slow and exploring new places with friends is one of the big goals.

Nick has a YouTube channel called “Differential Overland,” and this video, “Warm Springs, River Crossings & Muddy Trails” is a great look at a few days along the upper Owyhee River in southeast Oregon. 

Nick and his two friends, each driving a different rig, go a long way from the highway on this adventure. The scenery is gorgeous.

So, if you’re curious about overlanding — or getting away from paved roads in Oregon — jump onto this video. It’s a real adventure — and very entertaining.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvqwMClK5HraJBD-wsiqmig