May 22, 2024

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In the Black — RM Sotheby’s Offers Factory Matte Enzo

Supercars are all about exclusivity alongside their blistering performance. One-off cars always bring a premium, and it’s a generally stark premium when we’re talking about Ferrari.

RM Sotheby’s has announced that they’ll be offering the world’s only factory-built matte black Ferrari Enzo via sealed bid, running from December 5 to December 7. What’s more, the car will be offered without reserve. It’s the first factory-built matte black Ferrari.

So where’d the one-off matte car come from? An influential buyer from Brunei’s royal family ordered the car new, and it then spent a good deal of time in the world’s largest collection of one-off Ferraris. The car’s original owner was able to use his influence to spec out this car, which in turn became a true one-off because of those specs. Of the 400 Enzos built, most were red, with several yellow and black examples also built, alongside a few other shades. However, as popular as matte black is today, it wasn’t a common choice 20 years ago — and would have been unheard of on a car such as an Enzo without someone with serious pull in Maranello requesting it.

Other features here include a black interior, black carpet, large seats and Rosso instrumentation. It’s has a recent cosmetic restoration via Carrozeria Zanasi.

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Images: The Movimage Company, courtesy RM Sotheby’s