July 23, 2024

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Jaguar Classic Announces Continuation C-Type

Image: Jaguar Classic

Exclusivity drives value — but so does a car that’s so right it becomes a legend even in its own time.

In 1951, with sights set on international motorsport victory, Jaguar took components from the XK 120 and placed them in a lightweight tubular frame covered with an aerodynamic aluminum body. The resulting car — the C-Type — worked well enough to win Le Mans twice, including on its first outing, and was slick enough to average over 100 mph on the circuit. It was the first car to ever do so. 

Now, following their program of creating new exacting replicas of the D-Type, XKSS and E-Type, Jaguar Classic has announced a run of new factory-built handmade C-Types, built to celebrate the model’s 70th anniversary.

Image: Jaguar Classic

“Driven by some of the most admired racing drivers in history, the C-Type laid the foundations for Jaguar’s success in endurance racing and is synonymous with design and engineering innovation,” said Dan Pink, Director of Jaguar Classic. “Seventy years on, Jaguar Classic is proud to be able to utilize the latest innovations in manufacturing technology — alongside traditional skills and unrivaled expertise — to reintroduce this legendary car for a new generation of enthusiasts to enjoy.”

Eight continuation cars will be built ahead of a racing-inspired celebration event for their owners in 2022. Each car will reflect the 1953 Le Mans-winning works team car, including a 220-hp 3.4-L engine with triple Weber 40DC03 carburetors and disc brakes. Options include an FIA-approved harness system, which makes these cars eligible for historic racing and closed road use.

Image: Jaguar Classic

To build these cars, Jaguar Classic went to their exclusive archives and cross-referenced scan data from an original C-Type. With all that information combined, and using CAD software, they’ve been able to create the most authentic reproduction possible. 

Further, Jaguar Classic is launching a special website configurator that allows enthusiasts to build their own car digitally, using 12 exterior color options and eight different interior options, optional roundels and other badging.

Image: Jaguar Classic

With only 53 originals built, C-Types are coveted today, with prices hovering at around $5m, depending on condition and race history. While other reproductions exist, the fact that these come direct from Jaguar will undoubtedly push them up in value — but exactly where that is remains to be seen.

For more information, including pricing when it becomes available, visit www.jaguar.com/classic.