June 15, 2024

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Linkage #003 — Collecting

The third issue of Linkage is off the press and on its way to subscribers now. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside:

Donald Osborne shows us why the key to collecting is an emotional connection, and discusses building a movement — and thinking big — with McKeel Hagerty.

Simon Kidston examines what Brexit really means for collectors.

Jay Leno finds a perfect Imperial and a great story on Sunset Boulevard.

Rich Taylor remembers collecting Opel GT winnings — and a career path — from Car & Driver magazine.

Massimo Delbo shows off the all-new IsoRivolta GTZ alongside an AC/3 in Italy.

Sue Mead takes us to Saudi Arabia in a classic Porsche 911 on the 2021 Dakar Rally.

Chester Allen talks cars — as well as passion and obsession — with collectors Dr. Fred Simeone, Steven Harris and David Eichenbaum.

Miles Collier dives deep into what drives a collection — and a collector.

Randy Nonnenberg, Bill Warner, Doug DeMuro and Sara Ryan offer their thoughts on how 2020 changed the car world, and what it means moving forward.

Brad Bowling takes a close look at Barrett-Jackson’s record-setting $962k ’65 GT350 in Arizona, and discusses what it doesn’t mean for Shelby’s crowning pony car.

And we dive into the market news from Mecum’s $42m Glendale sale, Barrett-Jackson’s $105m Scottsdale week, and Artcurial’s record-setting Group B offerings from the Parisienne sale.

Look for that — and a lot more — throughout Linkage #003’s 186 glossy pages.