July 21, 2024

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Linkage Now Offers Print and Digital

Linkage subscribers may have noticed a new email from the Linkage team, sent early on Monday morning. Inside was a link to an all-new digital edition of Linkage magazine, brought to you as an addition to your print subscription.

Over the past several years, we’ve been asked countless times to create a fresh, digital version of the magazine — something readers can take with them on their devices, or that they can read right away, without having to wait for the delay that sometimes comes with shipping — particularly for those readers who live overseas.

This wasn’t something that we took lightly. Our print edition offers a high-level tactile experience that we didn’t want to lose in the translation to digital. So we’ve spent the past year working hard to create a digital presentation that offers a vivid, high-quality feel similar to the print edition, but that also can stretch into places that print simply can’t go: Video, animation, etc…

Our new digital version of Linkage #017, launched earlier this week, is just one step in our evolving digital process — and to be clear, it’s not poised to take the place of print. We will continue to offer Linkage as we always have, in high-quality print format first and foremost. This new edition simply gives subscribers more ways to view our content — and in places where our content has been more of a challenge to access.

Subscribers in the United States can enjoy this digital version of Linkage for the same price they already pay: $59 a year (six issues) or $88.50 for two years (12 issues). There is no add-on fee for digital access: Current subscribers can read the new edition now at no extra cost.

If you’re a new subscriber interested in the digital version only, we’re offering that for $49 per year (six issues). That applies to the global audience — US, UK, Asia, South America, Australia and beyond. No more extra cost for shipping, and no more waiting for your magazine to arrive.

All of our foreign subscriptions will be digital, unless you specify print and want to pay for the price of shipping a physical copy to your mailing address. Contact our subscription department here for more information on cost, or call us at 1-503-312-0846.    

We’d love to know what you think about our digital efforts — email us here to share your thoughts. And if you’re a current subscriber who didn’t get our Monday morning email with a link to #017 in digital format, please let us know so we can update our records.