June 17, 2024

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Members’ Meeting Kicks Off Goodwood’s Motorsport Season

The 81st edition of the Goodwood Members’ Meeting, presented by Audrain Motorsport, takes place next week: April 13 and 14. 

This longstanding GRCC event traditionally features both races and demonstrations of period racing machines, all of which are on site strictly by invite only. The vehicles on hand are both varied and legitimate — special demos offer glimpses of both the innovations and the raw speed from moments in the history of motorsport.  

This year’s event marks a decade since the Duke of Richmond reimagined the old British Automobile Racing Club (BARC)’s Members’ Meetings that were held at the circuit until 1966. Unlike the Revival which happens later in the year, the Members’ Meeting isn’t limited to vehicles from prior to 1966, so there’s typically a variety that spans into more modern machines. Races are spread across the weekend, as are practice events, meaning the entire group of participating cars takes to the track on both days of the event.

Attendance is limited to Members and Fellows of the Goodwood Road Racing Club, with Members getting an exclusive early purchase window. 

Look for Linkage on-site — we’ll have a booth at the event to promote the new digital edition of the magazine.

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Photography by Joe Harding and Nick Wilkinson, courtesy of Goodwood