June 21, 2024

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Pininfarina Modulo NFTs Slated for RM Sotheby’s Auction

If you’re a fan of the Pininfarina Modulo — the Ferrari concept car that’s impossibly low and very forward-looking for 1970 — take note. The company has paired with RM Sotheby’s to offer a collection of NFTs inspired by the original Modulo design drawings and developed with the Pininfarina design team.

These NFTs, which will be offered at auction on May 24 through May 26, include a package of both artistic and experiential components that give their owners both exclusive contents and a range of benefits. Each has a video animation with original soundtracks and period settings that span five different decades, and each showcases other original content, such as sketches, along with real-world experiences, such as a reserved visit to the company museum accompanied by Pininfarina’s Chairman, Paolo Pininfarina. On top of that, owners will also get a unique digital reproduction of the car itself — the first Pininfarina work in the Metaverse.

Now, offering an NFT Collection may be new ground for an auction, but RM Sotheby’s already has some experience here. Just this year, the company sold the final Lamborghini Aventador coupe alongside a 1:1 NFT for a combined $1,603,125. This sale, however, will be the first time the company has offered an NFT collection apart from the physical real-world car.

 “We are proud that our first NFT Collection is dedicated to give a new life to the Modulo” said Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. “The concept car designed in 1970 is a manifesto of Pininfarina vision: beauty and innovation to design the future”.

“We enter the NFT world with the intention of exploring its boundaries and opportunities” said Silvio Angori, Pininfarina CEO. “The metaverse is an area we can make a significant contribution to by having been producers of cutting-edge creativity for 90 years. Our immense creative archive, the ability to imagine the future of design using the most advanced technologies open up new avenues for the further economic enhancement of our brand.”

“We are delighted to partner with Pininfarina on this project,” said Gord Duff, Global Head of Auctions at RM Sotheby’s. “As one of the most important design houses to ever exist within the automotive industry, the vehicles they have created are amongst the most iconic in history. The Modulo remains one of the most influential concepts of its era, and it is fitting that it is the basis of Pininfarina’s first ever NFT project.”

You can read more about the NFTs planned for sale here, and you can learn more about the Modulo itself in Linkage #007, which is on the press and on the way to subscribers later this month.