June 17, 2024

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Ride Along with Audrain in the 2021 Mille Miglia

Driving the Mille Miglia is on the bucket list for just about everyone immersed in the car life, but it’s not easy to do.

You need a car that meets the Mille Miglia’s stringent entry requirements. You need to get that car ready to drive from from Brescia to Rome and back to Brescia — sometimes on rough roads and during scorching afternoons and rainy days.

You also have to pay the entry fees and get your car to Italy.

Like everything worth doing, there’s a price to pay for the challenge and joy of the Mille Miglia. If you’ve thought about giving all this a go, you should watch these two Audrain Motorsport videos of Donald Osborne and Antonio Melegari driving a 1940 Siata 1100 Viotti coupe aerodinamica in the 2021 Mille Miglia this past June.

These videos put you in the car on Italy’s fabulous, scenic roads!

Here are the links: