May 17, 2024

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Veteran Car Lovers Celebrate Early Motoring at Second Annual Audrain Veteran Car Run

Lunch time to dry out at The Aquidneck Club. Photo by InDepic Films & Photography

Proper Vintage machines may be basic in terms of technology, but they more than make up for that in the sheer dedication and enthusiasm among those who love them.

If this year’s Audrain Veteran Car Run is any indication, that group is growing.

The second annual Audrain Veteran Car Run, presented by Bonhams, took place on Sunday, April 30, with somewhat challenging weather conditions greeting both participants and spectators alike. But being in the elements is part of the challenge of Vintage motoring — and part of the charm.

Veteran cars lined up along Bellevue Ave. in Newport, RI, prior to the start.  Photo by InDepic Films & Photography

A vast array of pre-1908 motor cars lined a rain-soaked Bellevue Ave. in Newport, RI and amazed with their coachwork, broad pallet of colors and the sounds of their gas and steamed powered engines — and even the whistle from a 1906 Stanley Steamer race car. A huge crowd gathered to see the cars off.  

The route included the beautiful backroads of Newport with a trip over and back on the steep Mount Hope Bridge into Bristol, RI, where they turned around and headed back for lunch and time to dry out at The Aquidneck Club. The final leg of the tour saw all the motor cars return to the Audrain Automobile Museum on Bellevue Avenue for hot beverages, tea sandwiches and sweets — and time to share the stories of the great adventure.

“The weather did not deter any of us, including those in open cockpit cars, from having a great time and an adventure none of us will soon forget,” said Donald Osborne, Audrain CEO. “If we proved one thing this year is that veteran car enthusiasts believe in using their vehicles.  The owners are among the most courageous enthusiasts in our hobby taking on rain-soaked roads and vertically challenging bridges.”

 1906 Stanley Steamer. Photo by InDepic Films & Photography

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