May 17, 2024

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Watch: Amalgam Launches Hand-Made 250 TR and 250 GTO Body Replicas

It doesn’t get more blue-chip than Ferrari 250-based racing models. But if you’re not one of the few to own a 250 GTO or a 250 TR Pontoon Fender racer, Amalgam has you covered. They’ve created two hand-crafted body replicas of these cars in 1:4 scale.

This isn’t the first time Amalgam has made scale replicas of either of these two cars — but it is a first to see them in quarter-scale, hand-hammered out of aluminum using the same skills that would have been used on the original cars. 

For the 250 TR, Amalgam’s makers shape the body by hand, while test fitting it over a “trellis,” as Scaglietti did with the TR in 1957. It’s then polished and mounted to a walnut wood frame — although Amalgam suggests a wall mount as a striking option. The team builds custom mount options to order.

With the GTO, a buck is used, with the aluminum panels beaten over it. The buck itself was created via digital scans of original cars, so when it comes to the proportions, it can’t get much more correct. The GTO is finished in Rosso Corsa — but specific 1962 and 1963 liveries are available, via the company’s research into building exact scale models of GTOs in the past.

“Back in 2009 I had the opportunity to get up very close and personal and take a deep dive into the sculpture and the details of Ralph Lauren’s fine examples of the Ferrari 250 TR and the 250 GTO,” said Sandy Copeman, Founder of Amalgam Collection. “I’ve got to know the extraordinary beauty of these pieces of fine automotive art on numerous occasions over the intervening 15 years, taking every opportunity to experience the incredible beauty of Sergio Scaglietti’s creations. It’s a real privilege for us to replicate his work at a quarter the size of the originals. Our replicas have been created by equally passionate craftsmen, and I believe we have done full and authentic justice to the great man’s sculptures in metal.” 

The hand-formed Ferrari “Pontoon Fender” 250 Testa Rossa and the Ferrari 250 GTO bodies are available from Prices start at $52,000 for the GTO and TR, with custom paint options on the GTO adding an additional $4,000.