May 17, 2024

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What’s Your Road Trip Story?

We’ve all been on memorable roads trips.

Some lasted for thousands of miles — and may still be going on. Others are overnight trips. Most are unforgettable — or epically forgettable.

In any case, a road trip is an adventure, a rite of passage, a healing journey or a billion other things.

The best road trips show us new things, bond us with the car, the road and our friends — and teach us about ourselves. 

Linkage #012, out in May, will celebrate road trips. Because a road trip is such a personal thing, I’m hoping that some of you can share something that happened on a road trip that, well, changed your life in some way. I want to share some of those stories with Linkage readers. So, if you’re willing to share, please send me your short story — anywhere from 100 to 300 words — and we’ll put some of them into the next issue of Linkage. Don’t worry if your grammar isn’t perfect. We’ll work with you on that.

The most important thing is that your story is real and heartfelt.

Please send your story to me at The deadline is March 20, which gives you a little time to gather your thoughts — and maybe dig up a nice photograph as well.

The writers of the top five stories will win a free year of Linkage. If you’re already a subscriber, we’ll tack the extra issues onto your existing subscription. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? Why not join the fun?

Thanks in advance for sharing your stories!

Chester Allen, executive editor