June 15, 2024

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Porsche 918 “Weissach” Spyder Brings Record $3.9m at RM Sotheby’s White Collection

RM Sotheby’s White Collection — a group of rare mostly white Porsches from a single collector based in Texas — came to auction this past weekend, totaling $30,505,620 overall.

The auction house was set up for success here, as Porsches continue to be hot in the market — particularly rare performance versions with uncommon paint colors and low miles. On top of that, single-collection auctions are known for bringing strong pricing from collector car buyers, so expectations were high.

Of course, so too were results. RM Sotheby’s reported nearly 1,000 bidders at this sale and strong pricing across the board — culminating in that $30.5m total.

The high sale of the event went to a 2015 Porsche 918 “Weissach” Spyder, setting a new record price of $3,937,500 — nearly $2m above the previous record price. Also notable was the 2016 Porsche 911 R that made $1,105,000 and a 2019 Porsche 911 GT2 RS “Weissach” that brought $1,006,000.

“The White Collection sale captured the world’s attention with its exclusive Porsches and memorabilia, curated with a level of detail and perfection we rarely see,” said Gord Duff, RM Sotheby’s Global Head of Auctions. “We always knew these cars would do well, but the results were incredible, indicating market robustness. Late-model sports cars, especially Porsches, are in high demand, with record-breaking sales like the 918 Spyder, which doubled its previous record. The prices realized set benchmarks that will follow these cars and similar models for life. There will always be a place for live auctions in this industry, and I don’t think any other auction company, online or in person, could have achieved these results— and I am incredibly proud of the entire team. Its reveal was a landmark event, and now, these iconic cars are cherished worldwide, marking a special moment for us and Porsche enthusiasts,” 

See the results here.