June 15, 2024

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Slot Mods Launches Limited Edition GT40 Le Mans Slot Car Raceway

Slot Mods Raceways, builders of handcrafted custom slot car raceways, have launched a limited series of full-size GT40 “Art Cars” that open to reveal 1:32-scale miniature raceways inside.

The decision was made following an intense global bidding war that sparked inquiries for additional cars.

“The overwhelming response to the Porsche 917 Art Car on Bring a Trailer and the requests for new builds was amazing,” said Slot Mods founder and creative director, David Beattie. “This blend of art and racing has never been done before. The Art Car sold at three times its original value, proving that it’s not just a cool piece, but also a solid investment.”

The limited edition series will include the Ken Miles 1966 GT40 MK II and Jacky Ickx’s 1969 GT40 MK I. Both were personally selected by Beattie. 

“We’re excited to push the boundaries of what’s possible and introduce these new concepts,” he said.

Art Car 1:32 scale slot car raceways are housed in fiberglass shells of race cars and finished in iconic liveries. Their clamshell design opens via remote control to reveal 13 feet long by 6 feet wide dual-slot raceways. Inspired by Le Mans, the tracks include hand-painted surfaces, structures, signs, landscaping, spectators and authentic elements such as the Dunlop bridge, the Esso Oil Drop Man and the Martini barn. Made of wood construction, each track is equipped with trackside lighting, Armco-style railings and grandstands. 

As the star of the Ford vs Ferrari film, the Mark II was selected for its striking design, its famous Catalina blue livery, and its historical significance. “The Number One car, driven by the phenomenal Ken Miles, was robbed of its victory in the 1966 race,” said Beattie. “We wanted to honor this race car and its rightful place in automotive history.”

The 1969 Ford GT40 MK I Gulf No. 6, with its renowned blue and orange Gulf livery, pays homage to the career of driver Jacky Ickx, who achieved a remarkable six victories at Le Mans, the second highest in history. 

Constructed of composite material fitted over a tubular frame with a rolling chassis, the GT40 Art Car includes sponsor logos and car numbers, functional headlights and taillights, a windshield wiper, side windows, simulated dual exhaust outlets and a hinged fuel-filler cap. Center-lock wheels are fitted with racing slicks that show wear. The GT40 will open effortlessly with a pull of the driver’s side door handle. 

The Le Mans-inspired layout incorporates two hairpin turns and is bordered by trackside structures, lighting towers, hay bales, trees and shrubbery. The pit area features crew stations, covered workshops, fenced car storage, and a two-tier grandstand that faces the straightaway. Outfield bleachers are situated in front of the player station and overlook the pit area.

An assortment of period-correct slot cars accompanies each track, finished in iconic liveries. 

Featured at the recent Bring-A-Trailer auction, this Porsche 917 replica was famously driven by the Steve McQueen character in the 1971 film “Le Mans.” The body features a clamshell design with three hinges fitted to the right side. The power-operated opening mechanism can be activated with the press of a button to reveal a miniature Le Mans racing experience. The player station is equipped with power switches and trigger-style analog race controllers that enable two cars to race simultaneously. The layout is wired for use with a 120-volt power source.

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